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The theme this year is: ‘make mental health and well-being for all a global priority’.

Across a number of years, we have sat around tables - in the UK, northern France and further afield - with people from around the globe who are displaced due to conflict, persecution, poverty, climate…

Faced with hostile environment policies and massive obstacles, people’s capacity for mental health can be greatly challenged, leading to low-mood, isolation and sometimes serious mental distress.

Through The Community Table model, Art Refuge works to co-create regular, welcoming, supportive and trauma-informed psychosocial group art spaces for people in the asylum system who are often living in limbo with huge levels of uncertainty.

For those joining our tables in refugee day centres, camps and bridging hotels, we have seen how the role of creativity and art-making in the presence of others can support mental health and well-being. The value of sitting together around The Community Table in terms of people’s mental health and well-being has been reported to us in so many different ways, but we hope that these images, and those across our posts, speak for themselves.

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