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Bobby Lloyd

CEO - Visual artist and art therapist, 

Bobby leads our programme in northern France. She brings particular expertise spanning over two decades working within contexts of political conflict and displacement. Bobby is also a supervisor, writer and lecturer. 


Naomi Press

Visual artist and art therapist, core team member, France. Naomi is also a supervisor and lecturer, and has worked for the charity in Nepal.


Aida Silvestri

Aida is a UK based artist and creates work that challenges the status quo of stigma, prejudice, and social injustice/inequality by highlighting issues of migration race, class, identity, and health. 


Kate France

Kate France has worked in theatre and multidisciplinary arts in Britain and France for the last thirty years. Her experience in socially engaged community practise led her to train as an art therapist. She is a team member in northern France.

Miriam Usiskin

Art therapist, core team member, northern France. Miriam is also

a Senior Lecturer, MA Art 

Psychotherapy, Hertfordshire University, supervisor and Doctoral student.


Tony Gammidge

Art therapist and film maker / animator, Tony is a team member, France.


Emily Hollingsbee

Visual artist, poet, author and art therapist. Emily is a team member in London and Canterbury.


Josephine Carter

A poet, facilitator and performer whose traditional and experimental writing explores selfhood, identity, struggle and survival. She works with Art Refuge in Folkestone, UK. 


Sarah Robinson

Art therapist and Bristol lead. Sarah also provides essential project and website support for the charity. From 2011-12 Sarah worked for the charity in Nepal and India.


Majid Adin

Visual artist & Illustrator, based in London; writing and illustrating a graphic novel. Majid found inspiration again with Art Refuge in the Calais refugee camp, 2016 and is now a visiting artist on the team.


Katie Miller

Visual artist, art therapist and team member in London and Canterbury. Katie also works as a participatory artist and project worker in the homeless sector in London. 


Josh Thaker

London-based Designer who has worked within Communications since 2019. Josh assists Art Refuge as our Admin and Technical Support across the charity.



Dr Ravi Kohli

Chair of Trustees

Ravi is a Professor of Child Welfare at University of Bedfordshire and is interested in what becomes of young people who seek asylum in richer countries and how they adapt throughout their migration and resettlement.  


Dr Kathryn Cronin


Kathryn is an immigration, asylum, nationality, children's and family lawyer at Garden Court Chambers. She brings particular expertise in working with 

unaccompanied minors.

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Tim Richards


Tim is an experienced management accountant and has worked for a number of large financial services companies. Tim supports the Board on all financial matters.


Sue Greatorex


Sue is an experienced foster carer of young people who have been displaced due to war, conflict and persecution. She has decades of experience supporting individuals and communities in the South West of England.  


Polly Bagnall


Polly  is a practicing artist, art therapist and counsellor with extensive experience in self-advocacy and development work for the NHS.

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Dr Chris Wood


Chris leads the Northern Programme of Art Therapy in Sheffield. Chris has a particular interest of working within the contexts of political upheaval and social hardship. 


Claire Zhang


Claire has a background in speech and language therapy. She works in public health policy and guidance, alongside research in ethnicity and migration health.


Anna Castleton Simmons


Anna is the director of an independent PR consultancy, specialising in arts, design and culture communications and guided by an ethical manifesto.


We would also like to pay tribute to Frances Fox- founder of Art Refuge UK, once chair, Tibetan cultural advisee, creative therapist and Ama (Tibetan for 'mother'). Frances worked intensively with Karen Littleton in her roles as both Trustee and Secretary to set Art Refuge UK in to motion. 

The Art Refuge community goes right back to 2006 and has made an invaluable and long lasting contribution through the skills and dedication of both its volunteers and a small number of paid local staff. Art Refuge has evolved in a relevant and responsive way through the generosity of spirit of its team; it's time, energy, skills, fundraising events and dedication of all of those who have contributed and we attempt to name just a few from recent years below. If you have volunteered for Art Refuge in the past and would like your name added to this page, please contact us, as we would be delighted to add you. 

Amy Wilson, photographer and art therapist Bristol | Gabriela Bran, animator Bristol | Anna Kälin, photographer and art therapist Bristol | Jess Linton, art therapist and artist Calais | Farhad Dalal, photographer and Afghan Box Camera specialist, Calais and UK | Daniel Levinge, Art Refuge Trustee 2012-20 | Jayne McConkey, art therapist Nepal and Belfast | Miriam Nabarro, artist and cyanotype specialist Calais | Fawzia Afifi, art therapist in Calais | Francesca Orlandi, art therapist Bristol | Nina Tara, artist and art therapist | Sophie Martin, artist | Louise Smurthwaite, artist | Sian Samuel, artist | Clare Twomey, artist | Dr. Emily Bradfield, Fundraising and Events Coordinator and website management | Youdon, teacher Nepal | Tsering, teacher India | Lhakpa, teacher India | Tenzin, teacher Nepal | Seth Wolpin, fundraiser | Dawn Boulton, art therapist Nepal and India | Sophia Cowx, fundraiser | Luke Carter, artist Bristol |  Anna Rootes, art therapist Nepal | Jade Eastley, art therapist Nepal | Sara Simon, artist | Diana Collins, art therapist Nepal |