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Miriam Usiskin & Bobby Lloyd (2021) Lifeline, frontline, online: adapting art therapy for social engagement across borders, International Journal of Art Therapy, 25:4, 183-191, DOI: 10.1080/17454832.2020.1845219

Bobby Lloyd & Miriam Usiskin (2020) Reimagining an emergency

space: practice innovation within a frontline art therapy project on the France-UK border at Calais, International Journal of Art Therapy,25:3, 132-142, DOI: 10.1080/17454832.2020.1786417


Miriam Usiskin, Bobby Lloyd,Naomi Press (2020) Portable, Temporary, Virtual - the role of Gallery in an Art Therapist-led Project on the France-UK border at Calais for Art Therapy in Museums and Galleries, publisher Jessica Kingsley.


Bobby Lloyd, Miriam Usiskin, Naomi Press (2019) 'The Calais winds took our plans away: Art therapy as shelter', International Journal of Applied Arts and Health, Arts therapies and Crisis Intervention – Special Issue. 


Emily Hollingsbee (2019) ‘Tomorrow we make it better’: an art therapist’s reflection on a community mural in a refugee camp in Greece, International Journal of Art Therapy, 24:4, 158-168,  DOI: 10.1080/17454832.2019.1666155



Bobby Lloyd, Miriam Usiskin, Naomi Press, Marta Welander (2018) Mental Health in Displacement – A Widespread Yet Largely Overlooked Crisis.



Jessica Linton (2017) 'A Natural Response to a Natural Disaster: The Art of Crisis in Nepal, Canadian', Art Therapy Association Journal, Autumn 2017


Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (2016) Art therapy at the border: Holding the line of the kite, Journal of Applied Arts & Health, 7:2, pp. 143–58.


Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (2011) Inside-out Outside-in: Found Objects and Portable Studio, in Art in Action: Expressive Arts Therapy and Social Change, edited by Ellen G. Levine and Stephen K. Levine, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.



Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (eds.) (2005) Art Therapy and Political Violence: With art, without illusion’, London, New York, Routledge.



Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (2000) Art therapy in a central London refugee family centre’ in ‘Exile: Refugees and the Arts Therapies’, ed. Ditty Dokter, University of Hertfordshire, Faculty of Art and Design Press.


Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (1999) Fragments of Art at Work: Art Therapy in the former Yugoslavia, in The Arts in Psychotherapy Special Issue: 'Healing Troubled Communities through the Arts', USA: Elsevier Science, Vol. 26, No. 1.



Bobby Lloyd & Debra Kalmanowitz (1997) The Portable Studio: art therapy and political conflict: initiatives in the former Yugoslavia and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. London: Health Education Authority.

A film by Charlotte Burck. August 2018.

Filmed with Art Refuge at the Secours Catholique Day Centre and on the beach in Calais in temperatures of 26º - 33º.

A Dartmouth Films production for Tariq Ali's The World Today, about life in the makeshift Calais refugee camp, February 2016.



The Ship of Tolerance and Frieze Art Fair

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Calais: Witnessing the Jungle, The Pompidou
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Sink Without a Trace: ‘Balancing politics and aesthetics’
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UK exhibit displays refugee artists' dangerous journey to Europe
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Illustrated article on the mental health of the refugees in northern France
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Art programmes in Calais bring humanity back to refugees
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Skills sharing for professionals, post-earthquake Kathmandu
Kathmandu Post: Support and Skills Sharing for Professionals, Post-Earthquake in Kathmandu
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Artists and art therapists, post-earthquake Kathmandu
Huffington Post: Artists and therapists collective movement, Emergency Phase, Post Earthquake in Kathmandu 

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Art making as a therapeutic tool for processing the earthquake, Kathmandu
Kathmandu Post: Using art making as a therapeutic tool for processing the earthquake in Kathmandu 

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Taking safe art making to the earthquake epicentre
Himal Magazine: Taking safe art making to the earthquake epicentre 

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