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Paris 19.06.24

A super afternoon here in Paris. The sun came out for us as we sang samba, lighting up the colours of the garden. Children marvelled at the simple joy of chickens in the undergrowth, discovered for the first time in real life.

One man talked to us about the difference of the male and female mint plant and shared pictures of wild tea from his mountain village home.

We wove recycled strips of material and threaded glittering beads onto our new mobile loom, mirroring a second loom being used in parallel in Dunkirk this afternoon. The women’s group from the Cèdre were happy to be invited to this local community space.

Connections were instant, many languages interwove and plans set for future rendez vous.

Kate France. Mara Gonzalez Telmo. Pauline Gaubert. Naomi Press. La Jardin La Semeuse. Art Exist. Fondation de France Loom inspired by the wonderful public art weaving project in Amsterdam on mobile looms Studio Koekoek.

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