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UKRAINE - 24.02.23

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

To reflect on and mark the war in Ukraine one year on we are sharing two images made at The Community Table in different locations that point to both solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and to their resilience.

The first image was made as we sat last March around the table in Calais, northern France with a group of men from other war torn countries. They expressed concern about the war starting in Ukraine and the impact on its people, and wanted to make images reflecting this.

At a second table last June, this time in Bristol, we sat with families recently arrived from Ukraine on the Resettlement Scheme. Near to the end of the session, a photograph of a happy day spent with family and friends in North Somerset was chosen to be printed. There was shared amazement at the portable printer as it produced four layers of cyan, yellow, magenta and ‘protect’ - a fixative to hold the inks in place - with the colours of Ukraine singing through the layers.

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