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In these difficult times, Art Refuge offers solidarity, compassion and hope to those who are displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution, and those seeking refuge. In our work, we meet people of different ages from countries around the world. Each person brings their own cultural and personal identities, ideologies, faiths, and political beliefs.

Our art therapy based work supports the mental health and well-being of all people who are displaced by making room for safety, community, creativity and resilience in the face of pain and hardship. We do this by providing group art spaces like The Community Table model. We offer opportunities for human-to-human connection through our similarities and our differences. In the most challenging times, our work shows that art can offer space for reflection, imagination, hoping, coping and meaning-making.

We stand #TogetherWithRefugees and people displaced, wherever they are, to build a world where we can find compassion through our shared humanity.

Images from #thecommunitytable - Bristol, Paris, Calais, Folkestone, Brighton, Eastbourne, London

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