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It was a privilege to take The Community Table to the exhibition “A Canvas of Courage” in London this Sunday afternoon.

The exhibition is a collaboration between @amnestyuk @unionchapeluk which brings the work of activist artists from Asia and beyond. The show explores powerful expressions of resistance and efforts to promote human rights while building connections between activists and artists.

Across the afternoon visitors to the gallery engaged, reflected and connected on the theme of “courage” using postcards, drawing, writing and miniature building materials, facilitated by moderators and activists, alongside artists/art therapists from Art Refuge.

Some people wrote poems to human rights defenders via @amnestyuk Write to Rights project. The bricks were used to build towers, and also miniature road blocks on the table in recollection of those common in Hong King protests in 2019 where bricks were creatively installed on roads in the form of numerous miniature stonehenges or temples.

We were joined by several men in the UK asylum system staying in local Home Office contingency hotels, including a sculptor from Afghanistan. Families with young children sat around the table contributing their beautiful postcard-sized artworks and text which were added to a live community art piece A Wall of Courage. This will continue to build across the course of the exhibition.

A Canvas of Courage - Bridging our divided world through activist art | Thu 30 Nov - Sun 10 December 2023 Venue: Union Chapel (rear entrance), Compton Avenue, London N1 2XD

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