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Art Refuge was delighted to collaborate yesterday with the cultural centre and experimental performance space @les_laboratoires In north Paris. The Community Table was able to take a central place in the dynamic garden setting - the foundation of which is in creatively building an active relationship between the migratory pattern of seeds and the migration of people to Paris.

Around the table different groups from the local area gathered to engage in the materials, drink teas from garden herbs and spices, and sit alongside one another under the sun in a convivial atmosphere of being together. There was a local boxing group, a homeless project, garden members and art centre visitors, alongside a group of men who volunteer and take part in our fortnightly sessions at The Community Table at Le Cedre, a few minutes walk away. A couple of the men expressed interest in volunteering in the garden, new conversations and connections already taking place...

Led by Naomi Press and Kate France with trainees, and joined by Bobby Lloyd and Miriam Usiskin

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