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This #Refugeeweek Art Refuge is celebrating #OurHome by offering a series of special workshops and events round The Community Table and through other mobile activities - Paris - Dunkirk - Essex - London - Bristol.

The Community Table is our open access psychosocial group model that we have developed to support the mental health and wellbeing of people displaced, those on the move, and people in the UK asylum system.

The table is set up by our team of art therapists, alongside artists with personal experiences of displacement, in places where people are - on borders, in day centres, camps and hotels. People who are displaced, alongside the community around them are welcomed to join, offering temporary community for people to find a place to pause for even the briefest period of time.

Our Home celebrates the resilience of the many people we meet, and their capacity for imagination, hoping and coping, against the ever harsh hostile policies and uncertainties that are part of daily life.

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