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Paris, January 4th 2024

The CEDRE restarted after the winter break last week, and, as the gates were opened, a flood of people poured in to check their mail and get some comfort in the warm Café Papote. There are now secure boxes for recharging telephones, and a newly decorated room for resting and relaxing with recuperated sofas and easy chairs. There was some tension in the air too, and we sensed the fragility and isolation facing both the new arrivals and the regular participants.

Around the table we played with light and shadow, and a series of installations emerged, combining different materials in surprising and innovative ways. These seemed to take on the form of animated greeting cards for the New Year, as people photographed and filmed their work and sent it to friends and family. The magical-seeming lights brought out playfulness, laughter and imagination, maybe even hope.

Words by Kate France & Muriel Bucher.

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