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HEREIAMHEREWEARE -Photography Project Update


HEREIAMHEREWEARE is our year long Photography Project for young refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol that began in November 2019.

Funded by the Quartet Community Foundation and individual donors, it is delivered by the Bristol branch of the Art Refuge team: Amy Wilson, photographer and art therapist leading the venture, with technical support and innovation from animator / film maker Gabriela Bran; expertise from Anna Kälin, photographer, artist and art therapist, and guidance from our Bristol programme lead Sarah Robinson.

HEREIAMHEREWEARE is based out of Creative Youth Network’s Welcome Wednesdays, a specialist drop-in for young people affected by displacement.

Prior to the national lockdown due to Covid_19, the project invited curiosity, playfulness and new ways of seeing, including experimental and traditional methods of photography, creating and editing film and animation, the use of analogue and digital cameras, outings to exhibitions and both physical and psychological orientation to inner city Bristol through multiple lenses.

WELCOME WEDNESDAYS 5-6PM Now online via ZOOM, Creative Youth Network (CYN) is bringing Welcome Wednesdays to the young people of Bristol with HEREIAMHEREWEARE and The Basement, along with the usual games, art and adjoining rooms for more focussed conversation and activity. As part of the hour long session each Wednesday, all young refugees, asylum seekers and their friends are welcome to join our 15 minute, interactive photography activity!

WEDNESDAY PHOTO CHALLENGE There’s also a weekly photography challenge announced each Wednesday on Instagram @hereiamhereweare – this week the theme is ‘My Favourite Place’!

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