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Yesterday marked the first of three sessions in Home Office accommodation in collaboration with Caravan Arts exploring the theme of ‘Home’. We are leading up to the final session on June 23rd in Queen Square as part of the Bristol Refugee Festival and Refugee Week.

We held in mind the themes of safe spaces, inside-outside and thresholds with some people moving in between spaces and others firmly setting up camp outside for a long and lively game of blind man’s bluff. Further individuals opted for the calm, quiet space inside the caravan for focused small visual art activities.

In between the lively and the serene was a large tray full of earth, with seeds and little pots. People of all ages sunk their hands into the soil, enjoying being able to push seeds down and to water them. Some will be able to watch them grow over the coming warmer months.

Words by Sarah Phillips of Caravan Arts, Emma Lunt & Sarah Robinson for Art Refuge.

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