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We are excited to have been invited to take part in “UNPRECEDENTED” - an exhibition of work that celebrates the resilience of artists and art organisations during the pandemic.

Alongside the gallery’s Open Call and physical collective Covid Quilt, we will be projecting our virtual @coronaquilt onto a wall in the space with a table and chairs and the original invitation posted in mid March 2020 on @coronaquilt, and on the project website: :

“When people across the world are being asked to isolate themselves from one another within communities, Art Refuge is thinking of creative ways to bring us together. Building on our work with refugees, we invite you to sit around a virtual community table and help create a patchwork tablecloth. Whether at home alone or on lock down with family, struggling in a camp or displaced on an island, whatever your age, and wherever you come from, we welcome you to take up this invitation to create a piece of the Coronaquilt on the theme of RITUALS OF THE EVERYDAY.”

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