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Folkestone, March 30, 2022

Our work today was inspired by our recent conversations with a small group of men Iiving in Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda, the oldest camp in Africa with a population of around 150,000 people making it the fourth largest camp in the World. In exploring ideas together for setting up The Community Table in their local context the men have begun bead workshops for children, and for parents. Looking at sustainable ideas we have embarked on parallel explorations around making paper beads, in Folkestone and in Nakivale.

Today in Folkestone the making of beads led to a number of creative projects and ideas, the form, pattern and colour leading to bead necklaces, miniature chess pieces, totem poles, vertical poles, BT Tower, fishing weights, scaffolding poles, nuts and bolts... Some were incorporated into brick constructions or embedded into plasticine. Some made their way to the beach. A new medium in the making.

Miriam Usiskin, Aida Silvestri, Bobby Lloyd, Josh Thaker

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