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'Contemporary Practice in Studio Art Therapy'; 20% OFF BOOK

‘Contemporary Practice in Studio Art Therapy’ reflects on how changing social, political and economic contexts have influenced the ethos and development of studio practice. The book presents fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking about the studio approach in today’s changing world.

This fantastic new publication - edited by Christopher Brown and Helen Omand - is out now. It features ‘The Community Table: developing art therapy studios on, in-between and across borders’ by Bobby Lloyd & Miriam Usiskin:

“This chapter explores The Community Table as an evolving model of practice originating in a context of crisis support. It has developed from initial beginnings at a dining room table in a safe house for young unaccompanied refugees. When working in the border town of Calais, northern France, the lack of consistent safe spaces has required a clear rationale for the work and adaptations to models that have roots in the art therapy studio. The Community Table can be metaphorically concertinaed to expand, or contract. It has supported a dynamic way of working on, in-between, and across borders, real and symbolic. This model has been translated by Art Refuge to other settings including online under COVID-19. It opens up possibilities for thinking about art therapy studios in settings that previously may have felt out of reach.”

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