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Calais. Witnessing the 'Jungle'.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Bruno Serralongue. Agence France-Presse. Les habitants. CENTRE POMPIDOU. PARIS 16.10.19 – 24.02.20

Beautiful, moving exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, opening to the public from October 16th!

Made up of three parts, Art Refuge is honoured to take part in the section “Les Inhabitants” with work made in collaboration with a group of refugee men in Calais, themselves unable to be at the Pompidou opening evening in person due to the challenges of their situation.

The four prints “Digital Shadows” were made using the cyanotype process one sunny afternoon in June 2019 at L’accueil du Jour de Calais. They came about as a result of a number of months working with cyanotype in the day centre courtyard for the Kabakov’s Ship of Tolerance in London.

The process was led by Miriam Nabarro with a group of men and the Art Refuge team. Each print took 3-4 minutes to make – mobile phones, cables and other objects placed on sensitised paper and exposed to the sun.

The mobile phone features several times in the exhibition – the primary means for those displaced to be connected – with family, friends, maps, information, news, sports, and their own archive of films and images.

With special thanks to Hisham Aly and our partner Secours Catholique.

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