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Art Refuge uses art and art therapy to support the mental health and well-being of people displaced due to conflict, persecution, poverty and climate emergency, in the UK and internationally.

Our ongoing programmes take place in the UK and France while we are involved in shorter term  projects, exhibitions and research in other settings. We also deliver tailor-made arts-based training, crisis support and skills-sharing workshops in the UK, Europe, internationally and online, and we welcome requests.

We regularly share updates on our direct project delivery through Instagram: @artrefuge_

Visual artists and art therapists

Our team of artists and art therapists is equipped to deliver dynamic, culturally relevant and responsive programmes in a wide range of contexts across the UK and internationally, with a longstanding history in South Asia. We are currently growing our team of refugee artists in all our programmes. We are skilled at adapting our work to support safe and imaginative spaces for people who have been displaced, including refugees and asylum seekers,  both while they are in transit and once they have reached a final destination. 

Participatory and collaborative practice

Art Refuge's core ethos is based upon a participatory and collaborative practice informed by decades of individual and collective experience and skills in the visual arts, art therapy, trauma work and psychosocial approaches. Always working in close partnership with local and international government and non-governmental organisations, our work largely takes place within groups and we currently operate on either side of the English Channel in Calais and Folkestone, as well as Paris, London and Bristol.


We provide tailor-made arts-based Psychosocial Training for organisations in the UK and internationally, helping to support other workers on the ground in different contexts. These trainings are offered face-to-face, online and can straddle the two.

Events & exhibitions

We engage in public discourse through our active use of social media as an advocacy platform as well as a place to celebrate people's creative agency; fundraising events;  exhibitions; peer-reviewed and other academic writingpresentation of papers at conferences and delivery of arts-based psychosocial training programmes in the UK and internationally.


Our work is underpinned by a strong team of Trustees  with expertise in art therapy, asylum law, social work with unaccompanied minors, fundraising and communications.

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