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A collaboration between Art Refuge and Kings College London University.

After months of planning, today was our first of two workshops with ancient historian James Corke-Webster, in which we explored connections between the experiences of people who have been displaced in both the ancient and modern worlds. Information was written in several languages explaining that materials produced today at The Community Table, and photos of this table, may be used anonymously as part of a public exhibition at King’s College London. This workshop was with men housed at Napier Barracks while the second workshop takes place in Calais in two weeks time.

Some immensely personal and moving letters were written on various types of writing paper, with carbon paper enabling copies to be taken away - letters back home to Eritrea, Afghanistan and Sudan; letters to the prime minister, to a beloved sister, to a daughter. As a backdrop, a life-sized cutout portrait of the Queen, that has stayed in the space since the Jubilee, was strangely poignant, as were old stamps bearing her portrait.

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