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Wishing you all a safe, healthy and hopeful New Year 2021, wherever you are.

As we start 2021 we would like to share our plans. Art Refuge is launching a series of monthly arts-based psychosocial projects in Paris, Calais, Folkestone, Canterbury, London, Bristol and through The Community Table Online. The work will be delivered in group settings by our freelance team of artists and art therapists working with local refugee support organisations in each setting. It will link back to our work with large maps and found materials alongside the Médecins du Monde mobile clinic and the Secours Catholique day centre in Calais, as well as forward to new ideas, partnerships and ways of making images in Covid safe ways.

Using found film, slides, projections and mobile phones to experiment with light, layering, scale, space, movement and colour, the overall intention will be to support the mental health and wellbeing of refugees in transit and once they have reached their destination, building on hoping, coping and resilience.

We will also continue to share skills with frontline teams and use social media to raise awareness of issues, including those as they emerge out of Brexit on either side of the English Channel.

Please consider supporting our work in 2021. And thank you for your ongoing support without which our work would simply not be possible! Bobby and all at Art Refuge

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