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“There is enough space for all of us” - A POEM FROM THE TABLE

“on music: I can listen to anything and play it.

on good food: it’s microwaved, that’s why it ruins your hormones.

if you take it for more than a year…

the food here is fresh, you can taste it.

on fasting: in the UK it’s so easy! No sun you nee

d water, you can’t go out, you need rest

fasting is a whole-life change it’s like you become a whole new person like being reborn

on plasticine: I want to squish it, that’s all. It’s good to help you relax I discovered this in France.

on France: I was there for 33 days the boat left and i realised

there was no driver and I jumped off and swam back to shore 30 minutes it was 3am. dark and raining the sea and the sky the same colour i looked up and saw lights from the shore in the distance

on the meaning of life:

the meaning of life is loving each other humans need meaning, and we are so separate from each other

there is enough space for all of us”

Poem gathered by Josie from typewritten sheets - heard and typed from conversation with a group of young men sitting around The Community Table in Folkestone on Wednesday.

Josie Carter, with Miriam Usiskin and Bobby Lloyd

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