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The Channel

This week our travel plans were unfortunately aborted and we found ourselves frustratingly on the wrong side of the English Channel for our work.

HOSTEL Touching base with those we would have been spending our time with in Calais we were delighted that the group in the hostel had decided to make images together around the bed at the time of our usual session, and to send them to us to share here – a village, words of peace and a six legged crocodile.

DAY CENTRE The Day Centre has been closed for the past two weeks due to the surge in numbers of refugees seeking support, in part following the closure of the Dunkirk camp, and as we head towards summer. The centre will open its doors again next week with a new framework within which we will continue to offer open art therapy spaces both inside and outside the building.

We will be introducing a second large map on which journeys can be traced from home, across Europe, to the northern France-UK border. This follows on from the map that we introduced into the Calais refugee camp this time last year which had acted as such a brilliant resource for people.

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