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September 8 & 15, 2022

« Out of the sky/ I cut a blue handkerchief /and stick it onto my window » Abdellatif Laabi

This warm, wet September, the Community Table is back at the CEDRE, where the day centre has been completely and carefully redecorated by a group of volunteers, with new sofas, storage space and lights. This contrasts with the increasingly hostile and precarious atmosphere of the nearby streets.

We noticed people using the space offered by the Community Table to tell their stories, exchange, make artworks, contemplate images and texts, or sometimes just sit in the company of others. We bought in a bag of poems and some old world maps which provoked lively discussions about translation, how we view the world, places people had been or would like to go, personal memories and geographies.

A volunteer of the CEDRE was making cyanotypes in the courtyard, and people moved between the different areas, making connections between words and images. And maybe these connections – between people and places, images and poetry - were the most important thing to come out of these first sessions. A feeling of belonging somewhere.

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