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Notes from the typewriter, Cèdre

‘It’s the last day of September, and someone is building a brick wall. One brick, then another. The leaves aren’t falling yet. The sound of the typewriter is nice. A little brown horse with white feet is standing on an atlas, standing on a mountain. Slowly the walls are building up. The animals are given a home. Stable. Strong black tea. Walls are adjusted, things are stabilized. Reflections in the window of blue sky and falling leaves. People watching with curiosity, not quite ready to try.

Changing seasons, transitions, a new year for some. Now one house has a roof, inside is a gorilla. Another tumbles down and is being patiently rebuilt. The snake has a new tongue, and instead of squeezing the horse, rests its head on its back. A cow looks out of the archway onto a landscape littered with bricks.’

Naomi Press and Kate France at Secours Catholique in Paris

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