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We are delighted to share this rare aerial photo of The Community Table in action. The photo was taken yesterday during this week’s outdoor session in Paris at Le Cedre Secours Catholique - Caritas France.

This image sums up beautifully the atmosphere we try to create around our tables in each setting. Those gathering around our tables have fled conflict, war, persecution, poverty, climate emergency . All have travelled vast physical distances in search of asylum.

In the UK, the stress, anxiety and confusion people experience has been exacerbated by the UK government Rwanda plan which, in spite of the encouraging groundswell of opposition, is leaving many confused, unsettled, worried; previous traumas re-triggered.

The tools we use are intended to support people’s ability to become absorbed, distracted, playful and connected, all helpful in building resilience and mitigating against stress, anxiety and also a sense of feeling alone.

For Mental Awareness Week, we share 30 words that come to mind - all starting with the letter ‘C’. These words relate to what we see taking place around The Community Table both in terms of what is offered and what is shared and possible.

Photo credit: Hisham Ali

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