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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We are excited to present Letters of Refuge - a collaboration, four years in the making, between @culturalkings @kingsclassics @clamskcl, the Institute of Classical Studies and @artrefuge_ alongside people with lived experience of displacement.

This new exhibition which opens soon at The Arcade, Bush House, gives voice to people at two points in history who have experienced persecution and displacement.

The exhibition features fragments of ancient letters written by people who lived under the Roman empire, alongside contemporary letters written at @artrefuge_ ‘s The Community Table in Kent & Calais by people displaced & seeking safety either side of the English Channel.

Using ancient letters as prompts, participants wrote their own letters in workshops inspired by @jcorkewebster’s research and in collaboration with core team members in this setting:

Bobby Lloyd, Miriam Usiskin, Aida Silvestri and Josie Carter.

The exhibition includes The Community Table in situ, with typewriters from workshops set up for visitors to use. Photographs and film on display will show activities at The Community Table over the past year.

Our hope is that the exhibition shines a light on aspects of our common humanity via voices usually forgotten or ignored.” - James Corke-Webster

#LettersofRefuge opens from 13 March: 13-24 March 2023 10:00-18:00 The Arcade, Bush House, @KingsCollegeLon (free entry)

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