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Updated: Jul 1

British Library 23.06.24

Free Family Workshop: as part of Refugee Week

In this creative workshop inspired by journeys from home, over 50 people of all ages joined Art Refuge artists Aida Silvestri and Bobby Lloyd at The Community Table.

Journeys made by families visiting London on holiday this week were taped in different colours onto the large World map alongside individual and family migratory routes to the UK, some recent and others remembered. Communicated through touching conversations, and image-making, journeys included those from Ukraine, Canada, Chile, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Congo, South Africa, Mauritius, Iran, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and from Cambridge, Leicester, Kent and across London. Set up at the heart of the British Library, the World map was able to be viewed from all heights across the vast space as new journeys were added in bright coloured tape.

Visitors of all ages typed personal letters to friends, or meticulously crafted animals and birds, train engines, and a football pitch out of plasticine, inspired by the Art Refuge postcard collection, British Library exhibits and the World Cup! Photographed against the map, then printed as a new postcard to take home, a second copy was added to the temporary exhibition on the walls of the British Library.

Presented in partnership with @counterpointsarts and Art Refuge, as part of London Refugee Week.

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