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Holocaust Memorial Day- 'If it's not impossible, then something can be done.'

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Here are the children who Sir Nicholas Winton saved when he organised the Czech Kindertransport to send 669 mostly Jewish children to Britain on the eve of the second World War.

Art Refuge UK held a stall at Holocaust Memorial Day on 27.01.17 between 1.30 and 4.30 at City Hall, Bristol. This free event was focussed on unaccompanied minors and was been organised by art therapist Marian Liebmann OBE.

Many thanks to artist, Sarah Dowling for helping run the stall at Holocaust Memorial Day again yesterday. We heard the daughter of the tenacious Sir Nicholas Winton hand down his motto that “If it’s not impossible, then something can be done”, Richard Annandale from Bristol Calais Refugee Solidarity drew uncomfortable parallels between Nazi ethos and our current global refugee crisis, young people of Bristol were given a voice throughreflections and dance, reminding us of the many young people we have worked with in France, the U.K. and Nepal, and Reverand Richard Mackay held a beautiful ending ceremony reminding us of our innate capacity to bring light into the darkness through compassionate action.

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