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Getting ready for 'Training The Trainers' in Kathmandu

(Nov 2013)


TRAINING THE TRAINERS: ART-BASED PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Delivered by Art Refuge UK’s volunteer registered art therapists, Naomi Press and Jayne McConkey.

Within the context of individual, community and national recovery from two high-magnitude earthquakes and aftershocks this Spring in Nepal, against a backdrop of additional hardships caused by the monsoon and current political blockades from the Indian border, Art Refuge UK are delighted to welcome both local and international NGO’s such as UNICEF, Transcultural and Psychosocial Organisation Nepal, Voices Of Children and Snow Lion Foundation to enable them to develop and share their skills in using creative arts-based approaches safely and confidently.

Art Refuge UK uses an approach of safe art making and art therapy to provide psychosocial support for children, adolescents and adults. Our experiential training programme utilises drawing, painting and sculpture with the objective of empowering the trainees and those they work with to process and communicate experiences and emotions so that they can recover from stress and trauma.

In the continued spirit of collaboration and partnership working with local colleagues, the training is being delivered free to all participants, with huge thanks to Jayne McConkey and supporters of Art Refuge UK.

(Photos from two of our training and capacity building workshops, delivered in November 2013 and Summer 2015 in Kathmandu.)

(Summer 2015)
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