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Art Refuge has joined 160+ other organisations in an open letter to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary calling on them to scrap their cruel, unethical, inhumane plans to fly people seeking refuge in the UK to Rwanda, 4500 miles away. The UK government must instead create humane, effective solutions to protect refugees.

Amongst those signing are ‘people with lived experience of the asylum system, refugee and migrants’ rights, anti-trafficking, human rights and civil liberties, access to justice, children’s rights, violence against women and girls’ (VAWG), arts and culture, international development, racial justice, democracy, data privacy and technology rights, disability rights, religious and faith, environment justice, and LGBTQ+ rights organisations and groups.’

‘This plan simply cannot pass – we urge you to scrap these plans and the Nationality and Borders Bill, which has not yet passed and has received strong opposition in the House of Lords. We also oppose the proposed overhaul of the Human Rights Act.’

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