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The Community Table on World Refugee Day with Counterpoints Arts - 20.06.23

Such an honour to take The Community Table to Yorkton Workshops for the launch of the new report “Creatively Minded and Refugees” by Counterpoints Arts commissioned by the Baring Foundation.

Also an honour to meet around the table other contributors to the 12 case studies within this important report about the importance of the arts for refugee mental health.

‘Refugees often experience high levels of stress, trauma, and mental health issues related to their displacement and resettlement experiences. This report showcases the work of 12 organisations who offer creative opportunities, across a range of artforms, and support to refugees and people seeking asylum.’ ‘Hostile environments aren’t conducive for mental health. Supportive, caring artists and creativity are.’

Within the gallery space is a beautiful exhibition by Ghafar Tajmohammad called “Afghani War Rugs Re-imagined” commissioned as part of Refugee Week. Please go see it!

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