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Creating a 'Jungle Passport' and other stories in pictures.


Art therapists Anna Kälin and Fawzia Afifi facilitated and held the space in the psychosocial tent.

This week they worked predominantly with unaccompanied adolescent young men from Sudan and Syria. Amongst the art making, there was a lot of singing and poetry which helped them to grieve together for the people they have left behind and those who have died.

The longing and yearning for their homeland enabled them to create images of flags from their countries and use traditional narrated myths where they could explore their identity and history. One Kurdish young man struggled to draw a flag because he doesn’t have one. In relation to this, another young man suggested that he might like to create a ‘jungle passport’ in order to feel a sense of belonging.

The map and the continuation of stitching their journeys upon it, was used again this week. One river which flows across multiple countries became a very important symbol of many people’s journeys. In the midst of all the different poignant stories which were told, our shared humanity shone through brightly.

Anna and Fawzia also walked around the camp with a psychologist from Medecins du Monde France, and invited women and children for the art therapy women’s group for next week. They also facilitated one-to-one work with a Sudanese young man who is suffering from PTSD.

More updates to follow next week.

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