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London & Kent, December 2022

"A sense of wondering

An ongoing exchange

A moment, a conversation, a place.

I noticed the movement of bodies in and around the room. Coming in, going out, waiting, sitting, throwing a pot, playing the guitar, walking.

We stood on the large map. We spoke, danced, we placed ourselves. There, and here.

We danced with the small map, its soft malleable fabric, where we followed the lines of the streets that surround us and the swaying of the river nearby.

We danced to the rhythm of the music, a small egg-shaker was placed on top of the fabric and we tried not to let it fall off… waving, oscillating, playing. A sense of togetherness. We stood on the large map and watched videos of celebratory dances. A connecting movement.

We spent time building and unbuilding. Build, unbuild, take down, fall. How do you take care when you fall? How do you fall and rebuild? I found power in the transience of the work. The moving with, the moving through, and the moving on."

Words by Melissa Bori, dance movement therapy trainee with Codarts

With Josie Carter

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