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Brilliant to collaborate with Young Roots on this wonderful animation project, led by Tony Gammidge and Majid Adin!

Thank you so much to everyone involved, not least the inspiring young people taking part, some of whose stories are shared in the clips below. In the words of Tony Gammidge :

‘Many of the filmmakers made films with superheroes in them, perhaps a hopeful and playful response to feelings of powerlessness that they might have felt.

One of these films (the snake and the singer) was made by a young man who spoke no English at all and yet managed to understand enough of my guidance to tell his story in less than an hour.

A couple of young people made films about their journeys across the English Channel. These animations tell stories that are frightening, moving and speak of resilience and survival.

As the war in Ukraine rages leading to hundreds of thousands more people fleeing their homes for safety and now displaced, I hope these clips offer some hope and inspiration.’

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