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Training the Trainers: Art-based psychosocial training for children and young people

The eleven participants got straight into the training, all silently gathered in around the multicoloured fabrics making little peg dolls to help introduce themselves. Safe spaces for the peg dolls were created and witnessed. Drawings were made as ‘dry materials’ were played with. Paint, colour mixing and time for free art was enjoyed and shared. ‘Art Therapy’ was introduced and we talked about how art could be used for healing in their contexts.

Final visual reflections led to feedback about how people had enjoyed the day. For many the concept and experience of a free (not tightly directed) art making space was new and enjoyable, though possibly culturally radical. Others mentioned how they saw readily available materials in a new light; how it was new to them that art could be more than just a ‘perfect’ type of drawing; how they enjoyed getting to use the art materials; and that they already felt they had learned some new things they could use.

The venue also worked well. The room had heat (unusual in Kathmandu), the food was delicious and the staff were helpful.

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