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The Community Table - Working on Borders

ISLINGTON - 22.02.20

The Community Table is an evolution of practice, and a response to the urgent issues at stake for people trying to survive on political borders and at the edges of communities, institutions and services.

These images are from an iteration of The Community Table in Islington at the end of a two day training for art therapists and other arts professionals exploring working on borders through socially engaged practice and humanitarian support @BAAT.

The Community Table has evolved organically as a physical entity and conceptual framework out of an ongoing piece of work on the France-UK border at Calais with refugees living in transit who face ongoing exposure to hostility and homelessness.

Often other professionals or volunteers come to The Community Table in Calais where the relevance of context (geographic, political, social and cultural), of location and space available, of art materials and media is crucial in defining what happens on the table - what translates from a dining room table in a safe house to a large table in a vast open plan day centre space where refugees, staff, interpreters, volunteers and others come and go throughout the day, and the parameters of a contained space do not exist.

Bobby Lloyd and Miriam Usiskin

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