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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Art Refuge is delighted to be collaborating with Young Roots on delivering a weekly arts-based psychosocial group to support young people accessing a youth club while housed in Home Office contingency hotels/hostels in the Kings Cross area.

Today was our fifth session and we have noted a core group emerging and a familial sense of connection and care between the young people. We have also seen how The Community Table seems to provide a secure base from which new young people are able to familiarise themselves with the room and the group.

Previously the art making at the table responded to architectural floor plans which we projected onto the wall. Today we brought a slide projector which sparked gentle interest in some of the young people who took time to view the various slides. Today’s session ended with a spontaneous animation. There was a sense of excitement across the group as we introduced the idea of animation for the next session.

As the young people access the art making space important conversations have emerged about the difficulties of living in the hotels and anxiety connected to the future. Feedback from our Young Roots colleagues is that the young people are making valuable use of the space offered, becoming calmer and less agitated, while our presence is allowing for individual case work to become more possible.

Led by Thomas Etheridge & Katie Miller.

Image 01 - Lubaina Himid postcard traced / mirrored

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