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Looking towards 2016 in Northern France


A Medecins du Monde worker posed to us this question at the end of the day: “Are human rights available under the level of the sea?”

At the start of the day we went on outreach into the camp with Medecins du Monde. We are together accumulating a body of knowledge about medical, mental health, asylum and practical services available within the camp and Calais locality.

We met a bright graduate from Syria with expertise in politics and crisis management in humanitarian disasters. He has been offered a job at a British University but his asylum claim has twice been refused. He told us he had arrived as a ‘refugee’ the previous night and was shocked and angered by the dystopian conditions he had entered into.

This was a full day in the camp of active listening and hugely diverse conversations with men and teenage boys from Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Kurdistan.

The consistency of our team’s presence and commitment each week has led to requests from both Medecins sans Frontieres and Medecins du Monde for New Year collaborations in their new psychosocial spaces.

This week the team was Anna Kalin and Bobby Lloyd.

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