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FRONTIERS’ “COMMUNITY TABLE” at the ‘Frontiers All Ireland Creative Arts Therapies/ Arts Therapies Conference and Convocation’ in Dublin


“Frontiers refers to a threshold and a point of departure. It can be considered an entrance, a gateway and an inception into a widening territory. The Creative Arts Therapies and arts therapies offer opportunities for making with art, music, drama, dance and movement that extend into new therapeutic landscapes of expression.” @frontiersconvocation

This workshop reflected the principles underpinning The Community Table model. It was a collaboration between Bobby Lloyd and Miriam Usiskin from Art Refuge who joined online, and Munster Technological University and Ulster University Art Therapy Trainees who joined from the north, south, east and west of Ireland.

At a large table, covered in maps and materials brought by the trainees from their respective homes, all those seated including conference delegates, were invited to make and explore the materials together, and the ways in which, both actively and collaboratively, The Community Table might work in this particular context.

Materials sourced from all corners of Ireland ranged from leaves from indigenous trees, to books of poets, myths and legends, maps, sand, seawater, tape, doilies and tablecloths from individual homes.

Miriam and Bobby showed some images, and discussed with those present, the history and evolution of The Community Table model of practice from its origins in Calais on the France-UK border; joining reflections from the group’s individual experiences at the end of the making.

With thanks to: Linda Morichetti, Asia O’driscoll, Leesha Cunningham and Sarah Wilson, supported by Siobhan Bereen, course coordinator, MA Art Therapy in Dublin.

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