Art Refuge can confidently plan a sustainable programme in northern France and Bristol with monthly donations, no matter how small. One off donations are also welcomed! We are a small charity, we keep our running costs to a bare minimum, and ensure that every penny goes directly into delivering our programmes. 


Examples of previous activities:

We have an excellent Art Refuge community, helping to fundraise through individual and community events such as art auctions, epic walks, marathons and open garden art sales. For some ideas on how you could fundraise, have a look at a few of the projects below...

Artworks for Aid  began an epic online art auction

Traversing the Pyrenees  Naomi Press and Seth Wolpin walked an historical migrant route across the Pyrenees to raise funds for Art Refuge's work in northern France. 

Prints Charming held an exhibition and silent auction of prints from artists on the theme of folklore.

The Poppy Collective
 set up an open garden studio and collected art to sell. 

Artist and illustrator Sophie Martin has donated a generous percentage of her art and book sales to Art Refuge.

The Sinners Collective: hosting ongoing creative workshops in a variety of places for Art Refuge because “we believe in art as a vehicle to empower society” 

Crafternoon Tea: in Bristol which runs a children’s format afternoon tea for an adult audience, all proceeds going to Art Refuge. 


We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved with fundraising, becoming a trustee or becoming a corporate sponsor. We currently do not have any opportunities for volunteering or higher education placements but we will make call-outs on our website and social media if any opportunities arise.


We will always endeavour to respond as soon as we can. 

Thank you for your support.



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